Mutt Strut 2021

Mutt Strut 2021

We are happy to report that Mutt Strut 2021 was a fantastic event despite the cold wind and temperature changes thru the day. Many pooches and their folks walked up and down Hertel Avenue checking out the different shops and restaurants.  Thanks to Frandina Engineering, RollyPolliesKorona Jewelry, Studio Sophia, Craving Restaurant and Lexington Co-op for their creativity so pooches could stop in front of their respective establishments for a photo moment.  Hoping more businesses will do the same for our Mutt Strut next year!

 Speaking of photo op moments, The Puppy Playpen had a great photo set up called Pet Palooza at the Antique Lamp Company.  The Cereal Spot gave out some adorable bandanas and had some pup cakes that I am sure many dogs indulged in. 

We only had  a few rescue/animal welfare organizations present this year since we were still in limbo with COVID rules/regulations so a shout out to Dog Tags New York, Sadie’s Safe Harbor and the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter for spending the afternoon with us.  

Things were bustling at Daisy’s Doghouse where a basket raffle was happening to support Fix A Bull WNY, Corina and Macie from The Laundromutt,  who won the ABC’s Pooch Perfect contest were present with their trophy to chat and sign photos, and some happening music was playing to keep everyone smiling.  Big Thanks to Daisy’s for being a sponsor and one of the main organizers of the event.  Lisa and crew are always willing to contribute to the neighborhood and community.

BrewDogs & FeWines had a table set up with their merchandise which sales help to support many local animal rescue groups in our area.  They are incredible people and just love to be involved in community events.   

Till next years event, enjoy the “dog days of summer” and be safe, stay healthy and keep walking your dog!